Cosmi’s Deli

Cosmi’s Deli
1501 South 8th Street
Philadelphia,  PA 19147

Today, instead of going out for pizza, we went to Cosmi’s Deli.  We all got cheesesteaks because they won lots of awards.  You can get the cheesesteak with a Sarcone’s roll or a Liscio’s roll. We picked a Sarcone’s because we go to Sarcone’s and plus Sarcone’s has seeds and Liscio’s doesn’t.  We could pick 4 or 5 types of cheeses but we picked whiz.  I don’t really know how the good the meat is because I haven’t had another cheesesteak in 7 months.  The cheesesteak meat is chewy and I think the cheese looks like nacho cheese and tastes like nacho cheese but it’s not as spicy as nacho cheese.  If you want to come to Cosmi’s with a big party, do not stay because they won’t have enough chairs.  They only have 4 chairs.

I rate Cosmi’s 4 cheesesteaks which is 4 stars.

4 cheesteaks
I give this place 4 steaks!
Jacob and Carl at Cosmis

Jacob and Carl at Cosmis


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