Lorenzo and Son’s on South Street

We decided to go to the famous Lorenzo and Son’s for our first trip. The pizza was big and good. It was thin but very filling. I did not even finish my pizza because it was so big and filling. I drunk Orange Crush soda. I put oregano on my pizza and we’re lucky that we go on Tuesday because it is Topping Tuesday and we can also get mushrooms and olives if we want.

They had no bathrooms so my brother had to hold it in until we found one in The Lite Choice. They had some seats but they were tooken up because there weren’t that much. So we had to walk all the way to the South Street bridge and sit on the grass right before you got on the bridge.

small 2.0 slicesThis got 2 slices out of 4 because they had no bathrooms and tables but the pizza was big and good and the employee was nice so it got 2 pizza slices.