Pizzeria Vetri

Pizzaria Vetri
1939 Callowhill Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Today we went to Pizzaria Vetri.  When we got here it was very crowded and you can’t make reservations.  This place is fancy – (Carl wanted to make sure I added that).  There’s only one size of pizza and I think its small.  We ordered 4 pizzas for the 3 of us.  The pizza is thin. The sauce is runny and the cheese is spotty which means it’s fresh mozzarella.  The crust was chewy.  The pizza oven is big and has 2 openings so they can make pizzas on one side and other food on the other side.  They let us go to the back and see the whole pizza oven.  

Fun fact:   The person who owns this place also owns the other fancy place – Osteria.

4.0 slices I give this place 4 strs..
Jacob at Pizzeria Vetri

Jacob at Pizzeria Vetri