Revolution House

Revolution House
200 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

When we got into the place, the guy let us see what was happening in the brick oven and let us watch the pizza being made.  He told us why the oven was built that way so that not too much heat or air would get out so the pizza would get hot and cook better.  We were also allowed to take pictures next to the oven and while we were looking the whole pizza was cooked really fast.
The pizza is really thin.  Carl said the crust is chewy and I think its soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.  The sauce is very runny and the cheese is in dots on the pizza.  The cheese is mozzarella cheese and its really thick.  We sat upstairs and it’s all windows except the roof and there’s a real tree up there and one of the leaves fell off.
Editors note: we came during happy hour and the pizza was half price.
4.0 slices
I give this place 4 stars!
Jacob at Revolution House

Jacob at Revolution House

Jacob and Carl at Revolution House

Jacob and Carl at Revolution House


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