Joe’s Pizza

Joe’s Pizza
122 S 16th St
Philadelphia PA 19102

Tonight we went to Joe’s Pizza.  I got eggplant parm pizza.  You have to order from the counter, so there are no waiters.  The pizza crust is flaky, the cheese is hard and moist, and the eggplant parm and tomato sauce is yummy.

My brother got hot wings.  He said they were delicious.  I got cranberry cocktail to drink which was good.

My grandfather said the pizza was fair.  My dad says it is like old fashioned pizza.  The wings are hot.

Good day everybody.

3.5 slices
I give it 3 1/2 slices.


Jacob and Zayda at Joe's Pizza

Jacob and Zayda at Joe’s Pizza


Revolution House

Revolution House
200 Market Steet
Philadelphia, PA  19106

We went to Revolution House to start up the blog again.  We chose Revolution House because it is our favorite pizza restaurant.  I have written about the food before so today I am writing about the atmosphere of Revolution House, so lets get going.

The side door to the kitchen was open so people can see Luka (the pizza chef) making food.   They opened the doors to the street so you can watch them cook from the sidewalk as well.  The deck roof is open too.  You get a good look at Market Street from the balcony.

When you order tater-tots you get mustard and ketchup but we did not get the ketchup. Pizza at Revolution House still is the best.  First the dough is crunchy and then it is chewy.

The waiter cleans up the table real quick.  He also gave me a pen and paper to write notes; that’s nice.

Good night see you next blog.

4.0 slices
I give it 4.0 slices. for atmosphere.
Jacob and Carl at Revolution House

Jacob and Carl at Revolution House