Gennaro’s Pizza

Gennaro’s Pizza
1429 Jackson Street
Philadelphia, PA  19145

We went to Gennaro’s tonight.  When you walk in, you will go through a curtain.  If you order ice in your drink it’s smashed not cubes.  It’s a small place with a lot of old things on the wall like pictures, radios and an airplane model. 

The cheese is fresh and looks runny but its not.  The sauce and cheese ate all over each other.  The crust is very thin and crispy.  We ate it quick and we ate all of it.

Editors note: When Jacob saw a large pizza delivered to the next table, he exclaimed: “We should have gotten a large!”   Jacob, we did get a large!

4.0 slices
The staff is really nice here and the pizza is different and thin.
I give Gennaro’s 4 stars!
Jacob at Gennaro's

Jacob at Gennaro’s