Randazzo’s Pizzeria

Randazzo’s Pizzeria
1826 South Street
Philadelphia, PA  19146

Tonight we went to Randazzos.  They sell it in slices and whole pizzas.  I got a Sicilian slice of pizza tonight.  Next I’m having a regular slice because I’m hungry and everyone else wanted more pizza so we got a whole pie.
The tomato sauce is thin and runny and tastes like tomatoes.  The cheese is stringy and the crust is very crunchy.  A waiter doesn’t come around and serve you.  You go up to the counter and ask for stuff and pay before you get the food.
4.0 slices
I give it 4 stars.
Jacob at Ranzaddo's

Jacob at Ranzaddo’s

Jacob, Carl & Uncle Larry at Randazzo's

Jacob, Carl & Uncle Larry at Randazzo’s