Uncle Oogie’s

Uncle Oggie’s
36 E Snyder Avenue
Philadelphia,  PA 19148

Tonight we went to Uncle Oogies.  When we got here,  I asked where Uncle Oogie was and the worker said he wasn’t here.  She said his real name is Lou but he is called Uncle Oogie because his nephew when he was little couldn’t say Uncle Louie so he said Uncle Oogie.

The pizza is hot.  The cheese is on top of everything except the crust.  It’s not spotty like it is with fresh mozzarella.  The bottom of the crust is sort of thin.  There is not a lot of tomato sauce and the pizza is sort of juicy.

You order by the slice and they have three locations. I give this pizza 3.5 stars.

3.5 slices
I give this place 3.5 stars.
Jacob at Uncle Oggies

Jacob at Uncle Oggies


Rosa’s Fresh Pizza

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza
25 S 11th Street
Philadelphia,  PA 19107

Today we went to Rosas.  I ordered a plain slice.  The pizza is cheesy, it has a lot of cheese.  There is a lot of tomato sauce under the cheese.  The crust is thin.  Each slice is only a dollar.  They only sell by the slice.

Editors note:  When we arrived just around noon on a Saturday, they were playing very loud rap on the in-house system, which they turned down to a more reasonable volume when we walked in.  The problem isn’t the rap (as much as I dislike it), the problem was the increasing explicit lyrics that eventually led in a song where every other word seemed to rhyme with either “truck” or “itch”.  The owner knew there small children were there, and was aware of what was playing because he turned the music down when we walked in.  I will not be going there again, for this reason, and this reason only.

3.0 slices
I give this place 3 stars.
Jacob at Rosa's

Jacob at Rosa’s

Nomad Pizza Company – 2nd Course

Nomad Pizza Company
611 South 7th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

This is a guest post by Carl

Today, we went to Nomad.  The pizza is very chewy and puffy and good.  And drinks they only had water with lemon because all the other drinks are alcoholic and you have to be over 21.  They gave you sharp knives.  We got to sit near the front where they make the pizza.  Their oven is round and has fire in it.  They put the pizza in the back of the oven because its hotter back there but they dont put it right near the fire.  We ordered a margherita pizza.

I give this puzza 4 stars.

Editors notes:
1.  Carl is doing todays blog because Jacob didn’t come because he was punished for not doing his homework.
2.  We were goig to order another one but we saw some staff members (including pizza makers) use their phones and handle money and not wash their hands.

4.0 slices I give it all 4 stars!


Carl at Nomad

Carl at Nomad

Revolution House – 2nd Course

Revolution House
200 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Today we went to Revolution House.  We reviewed Revolution House before but we came back to see if it was still the same.  Today I ordered margherita pizza and Carl ordered half margherita and half plain.  And my uncle ordered margherita pizza too.  The inner crust is thin.  The cheese is fresh mozzarella and it was good!  The sauce is tomatoey because its real tomatos.  The crust is chewy.  Carl adds that they don’t have root beer but they have birch beer.  The chef, David, let us watch him make our pizza.  He was nice.  Carl added that chef Lucca was nice last time.  I rate it a 5 but 4 is the highest.
Uncles note: The staff is one of the friendliest around.  And Carl added that The Yogurt Bar is good too. You should go there.
Uncles note: we came during happy hour and the pizza was half price.
4.0 slices
I give this place 4 stars!
Jacob, Carl & Chef David at Revolution House

Jacob, Carl & Chef David at Revolution House