Rosa’s Fresh Pizza

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza
25 S 11th Street
Philadelphia,  PA 19107

Today we went to Rosas.  I ordered a plain slice.  The pizza is cheesy, it has a lot of cheese.  There is a lot of tomato sauce under the cheese.  The crust is thin.  Each slice is only a dollar.  They only sell by the slice.

Editors note:  When we arrived just around noon on a Saturday, they were playing very loud rap on the in-house system, which they turned down to a more reasonable volume when we walked in.  The problem isn’t the rap (as much as I dislike it), the problem was the increasing explicit lyrics that eventually led in a song where every other word seemed to rhyme with either “truck” or “itch”.  The owner knew there small children were there, and was aware of what was playing because he turned the music down when we walked in.  I will not be going there again, for this reason, and this reason only.

3.0 slices
I give this place 3 stars.
Jacob at Rosa's

Jacob at Rosa’s


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