Uncle Oogie’s

Uncle Oggie’s
36 E Snyder Avenue
Philadelphia,  PA 19148

Tonight we went to Uncle Oogies.  When we got here,  I asked where Uncle Oogie was and the worker said he wasn’t here.  She said his real name is Lou but he is called Uncle Oogie because his nephew when he was little couldn’t say Uncle Louie so he said Uncle Oogie.

The pizza is hot.  The cheese is on top of everything except the crust.  It’s not spotty like it is with fresh mozzarella.  The bottom of the crust is sort of thin.  There is not a lot of tomato sauce and the pizza is sort of juicy.

You order by the slice and they have three locations. I give this pizza 3.5 stars.

3.5 slices
I give this place 3.5 stars.
Jacob at Uncle Oggies

Jacob at Uncle Oggies


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