Nomad Pizza Company – 2nd Course

Nomad Pizza Company
611 South 7th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

This is a guest post by Carl

Today, we went to Nomad.  The pizza is very chewy and puffy and good.  And drinks they only had water with lemon because all the other drinks are alcoholic and you have to be over 21.  They gave you sharp knives.  We got to sit near the front where they make the pizza.  Their oven is round and has fire in it.  They put the pizza in the back of the oven because its hotter back there but they dont put it right near the fire.  We ordered a margherita pizza.

I give this puzza 4 stars.

Editors notes:
1.  Carl is doing todays blog because Jacob didn’t come because he was punished for not doing his homework.
2.  We were goig to order another one but we saw some staff members (including pizza makers) use their phones and handle money and not wash their hands.

4.0 slices I give it all 4 stars!


Carl at Nomad

Carl at Nomad


Pine Street Pizza

Pine Street Pizza
1138 Pine Street
Philadelphia,  PA 19107

This is a guest post by Carl.

The pizza is hot.  The main crust is very hard.  The cheese is a little burnt. Editors note:  It wasn’t really burnt, it was a little brown. A small is a little small so we ordered a second one.  They also sell hoagies.  Jacob really likes the turkey hoagies

Jacob says that the bottom crust is thin and there is not that much tomato sauce on some slices.  We also had Mug Root Beer, which tastes a lot like birch beer.

4.0 slices
I give this place 4 stars.
Carl & Jacob at Pine Street

Carl & Jacob at Pine Street

Carl & Jacob at Pine Street

Carl & Jacob at Pine Street