Mama Palmas

Mama Palmas
2229 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

We ordered a pepperoni pizza and Uncle Larry got a pizza with a lot of different cheese and tomatoes.  My pizza had a lot of cheese which was melted all over the entire slice.  The crust is very dry and good and the tomato sauce isn’t runny and stays in one place.  The pepperoni is a little spicy which i like.  The pizza Uncle Larry got (editors note: it was a margherita alla napolentana) had a lot of mushrooms, tomatoes and maybe some spinach and a lot of cheeses.  It was really good.  The two pizzas were enough for all three of us.  They were really nice and gave us Halloween rings and Carl got a Dum Dum and I got a Reeses.
p.s.  It’s not that big, so if you get there when is crowded you might gave to wait.  It wasn’t crowded when we went but I bet sometimes it is.
4.0 slices I give them 4 stars.
Jacob at Mama Palmas

Jacob at Mama Palmas


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