Bufad Pizza

Bufad Pizza
1240 Spring Garden St
Philadelphia,  PA 19123

Tonight we went to a place called Bufad.  The tables had 4 seats and they put in a wooden piece to make the table bigger.  First we got mussels as our appetizer.  We ate them pretty quick.  The sauce wasn’t the same garlic we get at Marra’s because it had garlic pieces in there but it still tasted a lot like garlic sauce and it was good.

One slice is pretty small.  The crust on the end is puffy and there’s barely any cheese.  The tomato sauce is liquidy and the crust under the cheese and sauce is very thin.  The pizza actually tastes a lot like last week but only the crust.
3.0 slices
I give this place 3 stars.  Its not as good as some other places..
Jacob at Bufad

Jacob at Bufad


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