640 North Broad St
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Carl said as we walked in and I agree – this place is fancy.  We had like 3 people waiting on us and one brought us a coloring book and crayons.  I like that they gave us 4 different types of bread.  And I like how one wall in the dining room is all windows.  We ordered Roy Rogers to drink and they put two dark cherries on a stick.  The waitress said they were sweeter than the normal cherries.
The pizza i good.  The crust is really thin and easy to break. It is the thinnest crust we had so far. The sauce is fresh but there’s not that much of it.  And there’s barely any cheese but that’s a good thing.  The desserts are really fancy too and we got a honey gelato.
4.0 slices I’m giving it 4 stars because it’s fancy and the pizza is good.
Jacob with a pizza from Osteria

Jacob with a pizza from Osteria


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