Stogie Joe’s Tavern

Stogie Joe’s Tavern
1801 E Passyunk Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19148

We came here because we heard from Uncle Larry that it was voted one of the best places in the country.  I told the waitress that they can put the sauce on the top and cheese on the bottom and I got mushrooms on it too.  We also ordered mussels and Roy Rogers to drink.  The mussels are almost as good as Marras which is right there (pointing across the street).  Some mussels are orange and my favorite part is the stringy part.
4.0 slices I give this pizza 4 slices even thoigh the crust was a little burnt.
I like the way they have a garage door in the seating area and you can see good. Its a really big window.
Stogie Joe's Tavern

Jacob & Carl with one pie and bowl of mussels


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