Nomad Pizza Company

Nomad Pizza Company
611 South 7th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

We used to come when they first opened but they didn’t have drinks we liked so we stopped coming.  But now we like Roy Rogers and Shirley Temples so we came back.  We are sitting at an outside table and we ordered meatballs and a margherita pizza – how wonderful dinner!!  The meatballs are good and the bread with the meatballs was really really good.
The waiter, David,  just brought us out 4 extra cherries for our drink and we didn’t even ask him.  Yay!  The waiter is really nice.
The pizza sauce is like tomatoey so it tastes more like fresh tomatoes. The pizza is made an old fashioned oven where me and Carl looked at the fire through the window. For dessert we had raspberry and line sorbet and it was excellent!
4.0 slices The nomad pizza is actually really good. I give it all 4 stars!


Jacob outside with pizza at Nomad Pizza Company

Jacob outside with pizza at Nomad Pizza Company


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